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    To ensure the safety of the employees in your business, you should be having your electrical equipment tested and tagged regularly.

    Test And Tag

    Our friendly electricians perform a thorough test and tag service. We offer quality service and never cut corners – we would never compromise the safety of your staff. 

    Need to Get your equipment tested & tagged?

    Why Use A Test & Tag Service? 


    As an employer, you have a duty of care to keep all of your staff safe. You do not want someone to get injured by a device that was not tested and tagged. If this does occur, you could be found liable.

    That is why any and all devices which are electrical should be routinely tested and tagged.


    Many Australian businesses are required to have their electrical equipment tested and tagged.

    However, not all industries are required to complete this process even though it is recommended for everyone.

    The industries that are required to do this include many mining, demolition, and construction businesses.

    How Often to Test and Tag

    Equipment that is required to be tested and tagged under Australian laws usually needs it done every three months. This will fulfil your legal obligations.

    However, equipment that is outside, in damp or moist conditions should be tested and tagged regularly.

    Whether or not you are required to do so, it is important to ensure the safety of equipment which is used in extreme conditions.

    This type of equipment is more likely to get damaged and can pose more risk to your staff. 

    New equipment in mining, demolition, and construction industries should be tested and tagged before use in the workplace.

    If you are not sure how often your equipment should be tested and tagged, it is best to call us.

    Speak with a registered Stag Electrical electrician and we can advise you on how often your appliances should be checked.

    Equipment We Test and Tag

    We test and tag any portable electrical device with a removable plug and a cable. They should be above 50V to require testing.

    Most electrical items in your office will qualify under these criteria for testing and tagging.

    These items could be in your office, kitchen, meeting rooms and more. There are many items which should be tested and tagged, but here are a few examples so you get the idea.

    Items included:

    • Power tools
    • Extension leads
    • Printer
    • Fridge
    • Computer
    • Microwave
    • Charger

    Categorising Electrical Appliances

    Electrical items fall within one of two categories. These are:

    Class I

    Class I refers to any earthed appliances. Earthed appliances are those which contain the additional earth cable which can protect you from shock in the event of an electrical defect. Examples can include kettles, fridges, and more.

    You can tell if an appliance is earthed because the plug features a third prong – this is for the earth cable.

    Class II

    Class II contains appliances which are double insulated. There should be a symbol on the appliances that denotes this (a small square in a larger square). Hairdryers and electric drills are a good example of this category.

    This type does not require an earth cable. You will know if it is a Class II appliance because it may only have 2 prongs on the plug.

    How We Test and Tag Your Appliances

    There are three main steps in our process for testing and tagging your electrical goods.


    First of all, we visually inspect the appliance. We thoroughly check the device for signs of wear and tear or damage. If it is damaged, it is unlikely to be safe for use as this can cause the electricals to malfunction.


    Next, our trained technicians use a portable appliance tester to test the item. If the item is not functioning as it should, our expert staff are trained in fixing appliances.


    So, what does the tagging part refer to? After testing your items, we place a tag on them.

    In this way, both us and you will know that it has been tested. The tag features the name of the person who tested it as well as the date tested.

    This is an easy way for you to keep track of when you are next due for testing.

    Need to Get your equipment tested & Tagged?

    Why Choose Stag Electrical

    Our qualified electricians can determine whether any appliances or electrical goods are safe to be used in your workplace. This will ensure the safety of your staff from malfunctioning appliances.

    Stag Electrical is a family-owned business. When you choose us for your electrical needs, you will be treated as part of our family.

    We are committed to fantastic quality service.

    We provide realistic quotes – no sneaky fees or hidden costs here. You can trust that we will only quote you the price we are going to charge for the job.

    We offer you our excellence guarantee. That means that all our staff are friendly and professional and will provide you with thorough service. Our workmanship is second to none.

    We provide complete testing and tagging services so that you can keep yourself and your staff safe in the workplace.

    Call us today to get us to come round to check your equipment.

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