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    Our expert electricians are fully equipped to install your solar system, be it in your home or business.

    Solar panels can provide a way for you to save on power while taking care of the environment. Solar panels must be installed by a qualified electrician, with an additional clean energy council accreditation. We pride ourselves on only using our own employees, NO contractors!

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    How Do Solar Panels Work?

    Solar panels absorb sunlight to turn it into electricity. But, how does this process occur?

    Cells called photovoltaic cells absorb the energy from the sun. This energy gets transformed into direct current (DC) energy. This energy cannot be used in your home.

    However, this energy then gets converted into alternating current (AC) energy which is much more useful for you! AC energy can be used to power your home appliances, lights, and more!

    If your solar panels create more energy than you use in your home, you can feed any extra energy to the electric grid.

    We Connect You to The Grid

    How do you connect your home’s solar panels to the electrical grid? With our help, of course.

    The electrical grid is where you usually get your power from if you do not have solar panels. It measures how much energy is used in your home.

    You can link up your solar panels to this grid. That is where any extra power you do not use will be sent off to. It will also measure how much solar power you produce and access.

    In Australia, any power you feed back to the grid can be stored in a rechargeable battery to use later on when you need it.

    Alternatively, send it off and you can receive a feed-in payment for supplying power to the grid.

    Cleaning and Maintaining Your Solar Panels

    You should be washing your solar panels once or twice a year to keep them functioning efficiently.

    The more covered in dirt and grime they are, the harder it is for them to absorb the rays of the sun. If you notice a large number of leaves have fallen on the panel, you should wash these off at the first opportunity.

    You should be able to clean your solar panels with simply some water and a soft cloth. Using harsh chemicals or rough scrubbing brushes can damage them, so avoid this.

    Inverters We Install

    One essential component of a solar panel system is the inverters. These are what transform the DC energy into AC – making the power generated useable.

    There are a few types of inverters on the market. We can install solar panels that use any of these types.

    You will want to know about these if you are considering purchasing solar panels.

    String Inverters

    These are what is used in most homes. They come as a single item which joins up to create a string of panels. You will need more than one if you have a particularly large property.

    Unfortunately, if even one of these panels is in the shade, the entire system will not function efficiently.

    The system only does as well as its worst panel. Therefore, you should only use this system if you are certain it will get complete sun exposure.

    Micro Inverters

    These are mini units which are between 200 – 250 watts each. They can be placed in intermittent patches between shady spots where the sun hits the best.

    You can track how much energy is produced by each panel you have in this system.

    This is an expensive system; however, it is not affected by one unit being in shade. This can give a better overall performance.


    Like micro inverters DC optimisers individualise the panels production and minimises production losses from shading. DC Optimisers are still used in conjunction with a string inverter. These can be a good “happy medium” between a string and micro inverter system.


    Batteries store generated power to use later on when you need it. This is what you can use at night-time, on cloudy days, or in winter. They can complement a string or micro inverter if required.


    Hybrid style inverters use both string and battery inverters together in one unit. You can install and use it before you even have batteries, which is a useful feature.

    Need to Talk to someone about solar?

    Why Use Us for Your Solar Electrical Needs?

    At Stag Electrical, we are known for our reliability. We understand you time is valuable. That is why we show up when we say we will.

    We also offer a courtesy call to notify you when we are half an hour away.

    Our friendly technicians can come out to your place to help you with your solar panels. Whether it is installation, repair, or maintenance – we do it all!

    Call us today to get a certified electrician to help with your solar panels.

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