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    While we are highly skilled in commercial refrigeration repairs, we can do so much more as well.


    Refrigeration systems exist in fridges, air conditioning units, and more. Keep reading to find out about the refrigeration types that exist and how we can help repair them.

    Need a Refrigeration Mechanic?

    Types of Refrigeration Units

    Mechanical-Compression Refrigeration System

    This system is widely used for commercial applications as well as in many air conditioning units.

    Mechanical-compression refrigeration works by compressing refrigerant to allow the transfer of heat.

    When the refrigerant in the system boils, it absorbs heat from the air, thereby cooling the air.

    Absorption Refrigeration

    Absorption refrigeration systems function by compressing and expanding the refrigerant.

    Rather than using a mechanical compressor, they instead rely on absorption and heat.

    These systems use refrigerants which other compounds are attracted to.

    Residential HVAC systems for air conditioning are a common example. They use water as the absorbent material and ammonia as the refrigerant.

    Evaporative Cooling

    Evaporative cooling uses a different method than the usual cycle of refrigeration.

    Instead, these units filter warm outside air through damp cooling pads as it enters your house.

    The water takes in the heat and evaporates. The result is cooler air being channelled into the house. They tend to use less energy than other types of refrigeration units.

    Thermoelectric Refrigeration

    No water or refrigerant is used in these systems, making them distinct from the other three systems listed. Instead, they use a thermocouple and an electrical current.

    A thermocouple contains two different metal wires. When the electrical current touches it, one end becomes hot and the other becomes cool.

    The cold side is cooler than the temperature in the room and is placed in the area you want to be cooled. This leeches the heat out of the air in the room.

    How You Will Know If Your Refrigeration System Needs Fixing

    Now that you know how the refrigeration process works, what happens when it does not work? Here are some signs that you may need to call us in to fix the fridge in your kitchen:

    Warm Food

    One of the first signs many people notice of a fridge or coolroom not working is that the milk goes off before the expiry date.

    If this suddenly starts occurring and you have not changed the temperature, it is a sign something is wrong.

    The temperature is rising when it should not be.

    You will also notice that the inside is not as cool as usual, and your food may feel like it is at room temperature.


    If you notice a new humming sound, this is likely to be caused by the compressor.

    Its likely working overtime to cool the inside because it is not running efficiently.

    If you hear this noise, call us in to check it out. We may need to replace the compressor or thermostat.


    Many people have encountered the issue of ice building up on the back of their fridge.

    It can even freeze your food, rendering it inedible. This is a sure sign its not working properly.

    Ice denotes that the evaporator coils may not be fully functional.

    How You Will Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Fixing

    Hot Air

    If your air conditioner is blowing out hot air instead of cool, you can be sure that something has gone wrong in the refrigeration system.

    It could be a refrigerant leak or broken compressor. You should call us ASAP to get this repaired.


    If you notice that the air in your house is especially humid, it could be an issue with your air conditioning refrigeration.

    These systems should make your home less humid, not more! 

    Grating Sounds

    When refrigeration units break, this often results in grating, grinding, or squeaking noises.

    If you hear any of these coming from your air conditioner, you will know that it might be broken.


    If you smell burning or musty odours coming from your air conditioning unit, that could mean the refrigeration system is acting up.

    There should be no smell emanating from a fully functional unit.

    Moisture on The Unit

    Occasionally, you may notice drops of moisture on your air conditioning unit. This does not happen when it is operating as it should. If you see this, get us in to check it out.

    One of our experienced Stag Electrical technicians will fix it for you.

    Need a Refrigeration Mechanic?

    Why Choose Stag Electrical?

    Here at Stag Electrical, we have been in the business for more than 13 years. 

    We know what we are doing when it comes to refrigeration. Whether you have got a faulty cool room or air conditioner, we will be able to find a solution.

    We offer full installation services as well if you have just purchased a new unit.

    We provide honest, up-front quotes. No sneaky hidden fees or added costs. We believe that honesty is the best policy and customer satisfaction is important to us.

    Get in touch now to get all your refrigeration units sorted.

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