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    We provide domestic electrical services across New South Wales. No matter what electrical needs you have in your home, one of our certified team can help.

    Domestic Electrician

    Whether it is installation, repair or maintenance of your electrical systems, we can do it all. With 13 years of experience under our belts, there is no domestic electrical work too tough for us.

    Need an Domestic Electrician?

    Domestic Electrical Services We Provide

    Home Security Systems

    We provide installation services of all types of home security systems, even CCTV cameras. By having these systems in place, you can rest assured knowing that you are safe in your own home.

    The security of our customers is paramount. We provide full maintenance and repairs for security systems, not just installation. 

    If you choose to have us install CCTV cameras, this will give you access to a live feed wherever you place them. By doing this, you will deter burglars from your home if they spot them. If any crime does occur, you will also be able to take a look at the footage and hopefully identify the culprit.

    Stag Electrical has your back and can help you feel safe at home.

    Air Conditioning

    When the air conditioning goes out in an Australian summer, it is a nightmare. That is why we will arrive quickly for any air conditioning repairs you may need.

    As soon as you notice any strange noises or changes in your air conditioning, let us know and we can come over to fix it.

    But it does not stop there – we can also install and perform maintenance on your air conditioning units. These need to undergo maintenance yearly for optimal performance. 

    Our qualified technicians are highly trained to install, maintain and repair air conditioners. Get yours seen to by Stag Electrical.

    Data Cabling

    Setting up a home network by yourself is no easy feat. Have a home network created especially for your needs by a professional. 

    We do everything from data jacks to home hubs to setting up your surround sound system.

    Ever wanted one of those home movie theatres where the speakers emanate sound from the ceiling?

    We can do it! Just describe to us the home setup of your dreams and we can make it happen.

    We also offer fault finding services. This means that if you are having a data issue but are not sure why it is happening, we can help.

    We find out what the problem is and then work to solve it for you. This is so much easier than blindly trying to fix it on your own.

    Solar Panels

    Solar panels can be a great way of saving on your power bills while helping the planet at the same time. Solar panels do not appear on roofs all on their own.

    They require connection or they are not doing anything at all. They need to be wired into your home to be effective.

    Luckily, at Stag Electrical we have electricians who are skilled in solar panel installation. No matter how many you want to be installed, we are ready to take it on.

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    When renovating, lighting is an important requirement for your new upgrades.

    Many people renovate their kitchens, for example, without considering the new lighting they will need. We can come in, check out your project, and give you an honest quote.

    When lights blow, it can be a tricky business trying to fix them or replace hard to find bulbs. Take all the hassle out of lighting your home and let us do it for you.

    Need an Domestic Electrician?

    Why Choose Us for Your Domestic Electrical Needs?

    We have been servicing homes in New South Wales for 13 years. This means that at Stag Electrical, we know what homes in Australia need.

    We listen to your needs and develop a plan together to meet them.

    We can be trusted to show up on time and even offer a courtesy call half an hour before arriving. No more sitting around waiting for electricians to show up! 

    We are a family-owned business and see all our customers as part of our extended family. Our top-notch customer service reflects this so give us a call today.

    We can advise you on all the domestic electrical services we can offer your family. Our qualified technicians are ready and waiting to assist your family.

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