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The flawless installation of data cabling is a necessity for any office or home. In homes, these can allow you to access the internet and create home networks. In offices, these data cables are essential for performing day-to-day business activities. 

Regardless of where or why you require data cabling, our certified technicians are on hand to help. Here at Stag Electrical, we ensure that our installation processes create minimal disruptions in your home or business. Let us work around you. Contact us for data cabling in Young, Junee, Tempora, Grenfell, Boorowa, Harden, Cootamundra & others 

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Here is a description of some of the data cabling services we can offer you. 

Computer Networks – Installation, Design and Build

If you need to establish a computer network, our qualified staff can design, build and implement this for you. 

Home Theatre

Want to watch movies at home on the big screen with surround sound? We have got the setup expertise to make it happen. 

Repairs and Fault Finding

Having trouble with your data cables but cannot pinpoint the source of your issues? Without in-depth knowledge yourself, it can be hard to define what the issues you are having are. Let us come in and find the fault for you. 

Audio Visual

Audio visual setups are a massive challenge for many businesses. With all the equipment businesses need now, it is more and more challenging to set it up yourself. Get your projector, screens, video conferencing equipment and more working perfectly. 

Cabling and Voice

When you are on an important conference call, you need all the technology to work seamlessly. For it to work as it should you may need a hand installing it in your workplace or home office. Give us a call and we can help you out. 

Office outlet plans

Offices need many more outlets than most other buildings. With employees using laptops, phones, printers and more there needs to be plenty of ports. Anyone who has set up an office from scratch knows how surprisingly tricky office outlet plans can be. Let us create a plan for you. 

Data Jacks

Data jacks are the data outlet for your wall. Without one, you cannot plug in your wi-fi modem. We have installed countless data jacks over the years, so you can be sure that your networks are in safe hands. 

Home hub

A home hub is where the signals for your TV, data, phone, and more, are distributed from. We can configure wall outlets for these anywhere in your home so that you have easy access right where you need it. 

Data cabinets

Data cabinets can store away your data cabling in a safe, elegant casing. This lowers hazards in your office from people tripping over cables. It is also more aesthetically pleasing. We can install these for you and tuck your cables away inside to minimise risk in your home or workplace. 

Networks for your home

Home networks link up the computers in your home so that your devices can communicate. This enables data sharing and is what lets you connect your computer to your printer. For example, we can easily set this up for you so that you can quickly share information within your home. 

Star Wiring

Star wiring systems use a central point from which data cables extend out to the outlets. This is a great way to isolate any data cabling issues you may have in future. It makes it easier to locate the issue. We are pros at installing these systems in your home or resolving any issues you have with your existing one. 

Patch Panels

Patch panels are mounted hardware used in a LAN (local area network) system. They provide ports used to manage all the LAN cables. They simply act as connectors for your network system. We can set these up for you. 

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Here at Stag Electrical, we understand how vital data cabling can be to your home or business. Without this, you will not have internet access and cannot perform your job or stay in touch with your family.

Our friendly electricians provide fantastic customer service. We have the capacity to provide data cabling services for both a home or an entire office building.

Whichever it is, we carefully listen as you outline your requirements. Then we work with you to develop a data cabling plan that suits your needs.

Contact us today to get an accurate quote. We do not believe in hidden costs or added extras, and we honour our quotes. This means no nasty surprises for you when it comes to paying the bill. 

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Our total power bill through the year when we got irrigation is about $120K a year, the dairy’s about $3,000-$5,000 a month depending on Summer or Winter, and the dairy is running about 14-15 hours a day. On the Solar side of things we wanted to reduce power and not have to pay higher power costs. The speed Stag got a quote to me and had the system erected was super fast. They were straight to the point, legitimate, I could get them on the phone and I didn’t have to beat around the bush to a sales person.

Ian-Hindmarsh “Cumberoona” Cowra, NSW

I was saving money from day one. Stag are locals and they support local and with the service they gave me. I highly recommend Stag for what they do, and with the interest free, I’m just saving every bill. I’m very impressed with Stag.

Mick McGill Young, NSW

I looked into Stag because of their reputation, the good words said about them, their products and their service. The completed the setup in a day within a week of confirming to go ahead with them. I found them to be exceptionalm, courteous, and respectful with the install.

Aaron McDonald Murringo, NSW

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