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CCTV cameras can be a major asset to your home or business. We understand that safety is paramount to both families and businesses alike.

That is why we provide quality installations and maintenance for CCTV cameras in Australia.

CCTV Electrician

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Personalised Professional CCTV Camera Installation

Yes, we have seen the articles and YouTube videos going around on how to install a CCTV camera yourself.

However, do you want to take the risk when it comes to your security?

By having our trained technicians come and install the CCTV cameras at your place, you will ensure that it is done right the first time.

We take a look at the site, whether that is your home or office. Then we can determine how many cameras you may benefit from on your site.

We provide personalised recommendations on CCTV cameras for your property. No two homes or businesses are the same and we want to ensure that your place is covered in case of an emergency.

It is vital that you feel as secure as possible.

CCTV Cameras Vs Analogue Cameras

Many people have also heard about analogue security cameras. So, what is the difference between these and CCTV cameras?

Which is better to have installed?


CCTV cameras provide much higher quality images and videos than analogue cameras.

They are generally HD and can offer up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. Analogue cameras, on the other hand, usually have a resolution of 704 x 576.

This can make it hard to clearly see the face of anyone the camera spies on your property.

Live Feed

CCTV cameras can provide you with a live feed, even available to view on an app on your phone.

Analog cameras, however, record the images and have to send them off to be digitised before you can access them.

As it is not live, when you hear things go bump in the night, you will not be able to immediately check it out on the security camera.


Analog cameras tend to have a narrower field of view than CCTV cameras. Therefore, they will have more blind spots.

This is dangerous and can make your home or office less secure as no one will be able to see what happened in these areas.

Why Have A CCTV Camera Installed?

Home Security

The first reason is the most obvious – having CCTV cameras in your home is good for security.

You will be able to catch burglars in the act or check if that noise outside was a possum or a person.

They are a great way to attain peace of mind for you and your family.

Monitor What’s Happening

Having a CCTV camera records the goings-on in your home. Maybe you have left your dog alone overnight for the first time.

Maybe you want to check if your mother fed your children lollies while she babysat.

No matter what it is, you will be able to check the footage and find out what happened in your home.


If you have been away on holiday and have been unfortunate enough to experience a break-in at home while you were gone, CCTV cameras have got your back.

They will have been recording the whole time and you may be able to identify the person who did it.

You can give this to the police and hopefully, it will aid you in regaining your stolen property.

This benefit works for businesses too!

Business Security

When a potential thief sees CCTV cameras outside your business, they may already be scared off.

By simply having them attached to your building’s external walls, they are already keeping your premises safe.

Low-Cost Security

By installing CCTV cameras around your office, you can save money on security costs.

You could choose not to hire a security guard or add a security alarm to the building. The cameras will be there to keep you safe when you and your staff need it.

Need to Talk to someone about CCTV?

Why Choose Us

Safety First: We will never compromise on your safety, or ours. We do not cut corners because we understand that safety is the number 1 priority.

Up Front Affordable Pricing: All solutions we offer are tailored to your needs. We listen and understand the problem before we can price out a solution. Therefore, there are no hidden costs or added extras.

Professional: Our professional team clean up after themselves, communicate effectively, and will not leave you high and dry with your electrical problems.

Excellence Guarantee: Our friendly electricians are always polite and provide superior quality workmanship.

Reliable: Call us and we will be there, it is as easy as that. We know you can not wait around all day so we arrive exactly when we say we will. We will also give you a courtesy call to let you know when we are half an hour away.

Qualified: We hire only highly-qualified technicians, trained according to the highest Australian standards.

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