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Sungrow hybrid inverter + battery + panels $14,999 package

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It’s FINALLY here! The solar deal that backs itself!

- Still spending too much on bills? -

Check out our competitive Solar Deal Package: 


✔️ Premium SUNGROW 5kw hybrid inverter (10 year warranty) 

✔️ SUNGROW 9.6KW/h HV battery (10 year warranty) 

✔️ 6.6KW of 18x370W Trina solar panels (15 year warranty) 


*Offer valid until 30 November 2021 or while stocks last. 


Breaking It Down:

1. Sungrow Residential Hybrid Single Phase Inverter


Sungrow’s hybrid inverter is capable of storing power as well as converting it. This can give homeowners a cost effective solution instead of paying out full price for a battery. Hybrids are also great for storing a small amount of energy. 

The inverter have the ability to operate in pure off grid mode plus a third-party inverter can be connected to the backup circuits.  The additional inverter is controlled by the Sungrow Hybrid inverter as it is grid forming via frequency shift.  In other words, the inverter can supply 240V AC to appliances without the need for a battery or a separate 240V supply. 

Easy to install, easier to run

  • Single phase
  • Multiple hybrid inverters can be connected together
  • Flexible battery sizing – suits Sungrow 9.6/12.8/16.0/19.2kWh battery
  • WiFi dongle included for 24/7 live monitoring and real time data
  • IP65 and C5 corrosion rating dealing with any harsh environments (coastal)
  • 10 Year warranty
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2. Sungrow 9.6KW/h High Voltage battery

Sungrow’s high voltage lithium iron phosphate battery requires no installation – automatic connection to the Sungrow inverter

Powerful & Efficient 

  • Expandable power storage throughout the operating life
  • 100% usable energy
  • Supports 3-8 modules each, up to 4 parallel sets, storage power range from: 9-100 kWh
  • The battery uses natural convection as a cooling system
  • 10 Year warranty

3. 6.6KW of 18 x 370W Trina solar panels

The same solar panels used on top of Canberra Hospital. These monocrystalline PERC panels offer a great combination of quality, performance and value for money.

One of the top Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers worldwide

  • Increased efficiency of 20.7% over the previous range through using new half-cut PERC cells incorporating 9 busbars (Multi busbars)
  • Trina’s solar panels pioneered the use of the multi busbars (MBB). The traditional flat ribbon busbars on the front of the cell meant that they partially shade the cell, which reduces efficiency and performance. MBB technology increased performance and efficiency by reducing the effects of shading from traditional ribbon busbars. 
  • 15 Year warranty

Letter from the owner


After starting my apprenticeship 18 years ago it was clear I had a passion for fixing other people’s problems. I completed my trade and decided to take on the electrical industry. We quickly became specialists in our field and this progressed into a full-service company.

We implemented management structures and the correct process to make sure our service could be duplicated at scale. We now have 22 Staff and 15 fully equipped service vehicles. Built from the correct foundation’s Stag Electrical Solar and Refrigeration is here to stay.

Sam Friend CEO, Owner

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If you’re looking for emergency electricians we offer a unique difference that the other electricians don’t offer. Find out why we’re the best local electricians has to offer. 

What our customers say

Satisfied Clients

Our total power bill through the year when we got irrigation is about $120K a year, the dairy’s about $3,000-$5,000 a month depending on Summer or Winter, and the dairy is running about 14-15 hours a day. On the Solar side of things we wanted to reduce power and not have to pay higher power costs. The speed Stag got a quote to me and had the system erected was super fast. They were straight to the point, legitimate, I could get them on the phone and I didn’t have to beat around the bush to a sales person.

Ian-Hindmarsh “Cumberoona” Cowra, NSW

I was saving money from day one. Stag are locals and they support local and with the service they gave me. I highly recommend Stag for what they do, and with the interest free, I’m just saving every bill. I’m very impressed with Stag.

Mick McGill Young, NSW

I looked into Stag because of their reputation, the good words said about them, their products and their service. The completed the setup in a day within a week of confirming to go ahead with them. I found them to be exceptionalm, courteous, and respectful with the install.

Aaron McDonald Murringo, NSW

    *Based on exisiting SolarEdge models 

    ** Pending firmware upgrade 


    The information on this page orginginlyy appeared on www.solaredge.com/us/the-solaredge-energy-hub-solution 

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    Experience a superior battery solution: 

    • 90.8% overall system efficiency (AS OPPOSED TO WHAT?)
    • All the capabilities of existing* residential inverters in a single unit (AS OPPOSED TO WHAT?)
    • Increased energy independence from the grid (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?)
    • Increased energy production and storage to keep your entire home covered during a blackout (HOW?)
    • Generator compatible** (WHY IS IT IMPORTANT)
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