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Looking for an Electrician in Fairbairn Raaf, 2609, ACT or an Emergency 24/7 After Hours Electrician near you? See the difference Stag Electrical Make.

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    Get your domestic or commercial electrics in shape with our speciality electrical services in Fairbairn Raaf. We are one of the most honest electricians in Fairbairn Raaf. We can help you with any electrical repairs. fridges, air conditioners, lighting, outlets, just to name a few.

    We are one of the most honest electricians in Fairbairn Raaf, we’re on time, and reliable, that’s why you can trust us. We are always on time and arrive when quotes, even offering a courtesy call to let you know when we are half an hour away.

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    It could be air conditioning for you home or a 110KW irrigation motor we will have you covered.

    Commercial Maintenance

    Commercial maintenance is one of our specialities. Here at Stag Electrical, we have a deep understanding of the diverse needs of commercial enterprises. Our Fairbairn Raaf branch is specially set up to handle long term maintenance contracts in fields such as education, healthcare & defence.

    We are here ready to install brand new LED lighting to show off the products in your shop. Or, perhaps you are in an office building & are more interested in an outlet plan. We can do that too.

    Solar Installations & Repairs

    Solar power sales are going through the roof at the moment. Solar installation is no easy task, despite how simple our fantastic electricians make it look. They will have it hooked up & working for you in no time.

    That’s where we come in. Your safety is paramount & that’s why we install & check your systems so thoroughly. One of the benefits of having solar power is that you can sell any extra power back to the grid for a nice monetary bonus.

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    Refrigeration in your business is essential to keep food fresh during the long, hot Australian days. You may be having issues with your commercial fridge, freezer, or air conditioner. Calling us at Stag Electrical can have your refrigeration issues solved swiftly.

    Likewise, any other refrigeration systems such as freezers or air conditioners can easily be repaired by a registered electrician. When you’ve got electrical faults in these appliances, you should get in touch with Stag Electrical, Solar & Refrigeration. We can have an expert electrician there shortly to repair these items.

    Air Conditioning

    Winter in Fairbairn Raaf is freezing! Living without air conditioner isn’t ideal. Why put up with a broken or unmaintained air conditioning. If your air con unit is giving you issues, we can fix or replace it for you.

    Need to install an air conditioner? We offer full installation services as well. We’ll keep your house cool all summer long, so you don’t need to endure the heat in your home.

    Need an Electrician?

    Thermal Imaging

    Old wiring in Fairbairn Raaf is fairly common. If this wiring is faulty, your home is like a ticking time bomb. You never know when something is going to go wrong. That’s why it is a fantastic idea to get thermal imaging done by an industry-leading electrician. When electrical systems start to get overloaded, they often heat up.

    By finding them early, you can avoid disasters such as fires, sparks, & other dangerous consequences. We inspect your home thoroughly with these cameras so you can sleep safe & sound knowing you don’t have faulty wiring.

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